Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Excitement is Building!!!

I'm super excited!! Yesterday I purchased the paint to redo my entryway, staircase and upstairs hallway! YEAH!!!! I also purchased some paint to redo my kitchen cabinets, and have enough left over from other projects to redo my kitchen walls. It's been 12 years since my entry and hall were done, and about 7 for the kitchen, so it is time. Since I'm on a journey of renewal for 2012, my home is being renewed inside and out.

So here is my 'little' list of things I plan on renewing this year:

  • Re-painting and decorating entryway, hallway and staircase (which is open).
  • Re-paint the kitchen and cabinets.
  • Finally finish off the little things in the bathroom that was re-done 2 years ago.
  • Move my herb garden fence and complete over-haul herb beds and raised beds.
  • Clean out mud-room, which also serves as a library, laundry room and storage space for things needing to make it into the basement for storage.
  • Clean out basement!!!!
  • Clean up the yard and enlarge the vegetable and fruit garden.
  • Get rid of STUFF!!
  • Clean out the spare room and studio, creating storage space somewhere else, so these rooms are more usable and inviting.
  • Go through all my old inventory from my herb store and put it to practical use, or get rid of it.
Pretty ambitious huh? For me, the creative process is such a breath of fresh air for my soul. It's where I find my sense of peace, tranquility, and self. Relocating my 'self', who has been MIA, is such a joyful thing for me. I can't wait to get started on these projects. My weekend plans are already mapped out and its like Christmas....what will I find when it's open? WooHoo!! 

"Before & After" pics will follow.....if I can reduce my enthusiasm enough to hold the camera still! ;)

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