Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Laundry Lesson Learned

Ugh! Laundry is by far my least favorite household chore. So, being silly, I put it off until it seems there is a reason to do it....like running out of towels (or pants). And we seem to have a lot of towels. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the large ones my hubby likes account for at least 1 whole load by themselves!

Then there is a teen in the house. And she's a girl. And she likes to dress like a girl. Which means every outfit gets worn during the week, at least for 5 minutes. And she hates doing laundry too.

Then there is a mechanic in the house. How do you get that much stuff on your socks, which are inside your shoes? Thank goodness they have a uniform service and I don't actually have to wash work clothes. However, our vehicles get fixed on day's off, so exactly how do you get grease out of jeans? He's not allowed to 'help' do the laundry.... No, you can not just throw everything into the same hot wash load and expect them to come out looking like they did when they went in. And no, we do not dry everything on hot either! I like some of my sweaters on me, better than on the dogs!

There are only 3 people that live here. Yet we own collectively, 6, yes I said 6, laundry baskets. All of which manage to fill at an alarming rate. Does it secretly mutliply at night while we're sleeping? How come the sock thief leaves me socks, instead of taking them like at everybody else's house? And how come he only leaves me the ones with holes? 

Life has been life the last few weeks, and I apparently failed to stay on top of the laundry. So I've officially learned my lesson: Do not allow all 6 baskets to filled at the same time....or you will never, ever, ever, leave the laundry room. EVER! (And you will run out of hot water!)

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