Sunday, March 11, 2012


I love the spring. Really, I do. In capital letters - LOVE! I know you're not supposed to use the word 'love' in relation to anything that can't actually love you back, but I LOVE the spring. The birds singing, the smell of blooming flowers and fresh turned dirt, the gentle rains, the picture of new and fresh. the soft colors, the promise of harvest and warmth, the sunshine. It's my favorite time of the year.

I always get a renewed sense of purpose in the spring. That 'I can do it all' feeling. It helps that the days get longer and there's more sunshine and warmth. Every other season just reminds me that I live in a 4 season part of the country. Although this year winter seems to have forgot to visit, which is just as well as it is my least favorite. I've heard I need to move to Hawaii if I want to enjoy spring year round. (Of course I've also heard that I need to be rich to move there and that's not really even on the horizon of possibility.)

A fresh new me is ready for a fresh new spring. Spring Kim meet the future. I was really excited to meet her too. Until, (insert scary music of your choice), my parade was rained out. In a matter of seconds. I had clarity, purpose, open doors, and then....BOOM!.....that was so short lived. :(

The awesome thing about spring rain though is that it causes everything to grow. It makes the best sounds as you're falling asleep. It washes the grime and salt off the roads. 

So my 'spring rain' won't rain out my parade. It will simply encourage it to grow. And no matter what happens, I know growth=fruit and fruit=purpose. 

Besides, by tomorrow, the sun will be back out and spring Kim will be on her way again....until the next BOOM! ;)

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