Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Studio Time

It is time, I've decided, to clean out the Studio again! There, I've publicly declared it! It won't happen for awhile. Shelves need to be placed in strategic locations in order to house some of the items currently being stored in my poor Studio. I've only got 5 more thank you notes to build so they can finally be sent out. :)

My Studio is my 'inside worship space'. My herb garden is my 'outside worship space'. It's through these two areas I connect with God best....while in the herb garden and while crafting in my studio. With everything that has gone in in the last little while, I desperately need to spend time in one of them....and the herb garden won't really be an option for about 2 more months here in IL.

Now mind you, it's spring, so every room in my house is in some state of 're-claiming' for the upcoming year. We've cleaned up outside some, still deciding on which color to paint the kitchen cabinets, about finished the hallway repainting, hung pictures (still need to get some of the other pics, so I can fill the ALL the frames), etc...

But my studio is mine. It's my retreat. I have this beautiful space designed in my head. My wallet thinks my head is crazy. My hubby probably thinks our wallet is right. It's not like his smells good and is pretty and the 'junk' looks different.

If I can get my retreat space all clean and tidy and in order, I can actually go on retreat there. And I REALLY need a retreat after the last year. Whew! It's been a busy 1! Wish me luck....retreat here I come!

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