Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time to Mow the Grass

It's kind of yucky outside, but my hubby is motivated to clean up the yard anyway. I suppose I should go out and help, but then who would stay inside the nice warm house, in jammies, taking care of getting in my Stampin' Up! order (due today) ordered, drinking coffee, and blogging? Plus, I'm actually feeling rather creative - like finish cleaning up the studio and start re-doing it creative. Or maybe work on our digital wedding album creative. I am definitely NOT in the do the dishes and laundry creative mood. And I don't like working in the yard when it looks like it might rain. I melt in the rain.

Hubby is excited because it's not super hot as he tries to mow. So many things are wrong with that sentence I'm not sure there is room to expose them all, but I'm going to try! Today is the last day of March - and we are the LAST house in the neighborhood to be mowing. In March. Concerned because tomorrow it is legitimately supposed to be 80. In March. Well, technically April. But still.We are the LAST TO MOW OUR GRASS IN MARCH!

The AC has even been mentioned a few times. IN MARCH in Illinois?! Quite possibly we are living in an alternate reality that occurred sometime while we were sleeping. Sadly the grass grows, the laundry and dishes multiply still. That didn't work out as well as it could have, did it?

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