Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's In Your Hand?

I've re-written this about a thousand times already today. I'm so moved to share something, but I just don't know what. So here's what's in my heart this morning:

  • What's in your hand? Find it, embrace it, use it for the glory of God.
  • Joseph probably muttered a few choice words when he was sold, imprisoned, falsely accused, and returned to prison. Yet he ultimately ended up exactly where God told him he would. 
  • The time is short. Why are we worrying about stupid, petty, indifferent things, when we could be out changing the world?
  • Have you learned not to stand in judgement of others? If not, heads up....if God decides to help you learn, look out - the lesson is NOT FUN! Take it from others who have had to be helped in learning this - read your Bible or look around you - the evidence of the lesson being hard is all around you!
  • Don't forget that the devil is crafty. He was the highest angel in heaven. He can take anything and make it look good because he is also the master deceiver. He's so deceived himself, he still believes he will be victorious, despite God having clearly outlined the opposite. Anyone who can believe his own bad press, even when faced with many failures to look at, probably shouldn't be trusted. His track record is not good - Jesus was born, did rise from the dead, and never did sin. Hello?!? 
  • By the same principle - why do we spend any time listening to the devil? Is there any proof that he actually has managed to accomplish anything? His track record should be what we look at - no what he seems capable of - duh! Now mind you, I'm as guilty of this as anyone.... guilty OFTEN! I don't even remember my OWN advice half the time, let alone remembering what God has to say about it!
  • People will despise you if you stand up for truth because it's just too scary to listen too. Can imagine if preacher's are right about anything they say? 
  • God's plan is perfect. My plan is not. In fact, I'm not sure why I plan at all.... the man plans his steps, but the Lord determines his course. Can I get a 'duh' again?!
That's a lot of stuff. All from a short time in conference with God this morning. That's my new code by the way. No more devotions for me - now I'm always 'in conference'. Sounds more productive. Although, it usually ends in someone productively crying...any guesses as to who?

So working through is apparently the theme of the day. What the result will be who knows. Well, God does, but since he hasn't clued me in, I can't clue you in. I DO know that whatever all this is, He is working it out so that it benefits Him and will be a testimony of His goodness and mercy, vs. a testimony of how accomplished I look. 

To quote one of my best friends: "I wish there was a treasure map with a big X marks the spot, because life feels more like a game of Marco Polo. Just show us the X and we can get moving! Quit with the wandering around already!" Ditto girlfriend. Sadly though, as I quoted this, it occurred to me - we actually DO have the treasure map, the X is clearly defined, we just may prefer wandering around and playing Marco Polo. The children of Israel ended up wandering for 40 years since they couldn't be bothered to stay on the map and make it to the X. Thank goodness they didn't, or else what comfort would we have in OUR lives of wandering! :)

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