Monday, April 23, 2012

Ignoring Wisdom

I read a blog, by a rather famous CEO, of a rather famous publishing house, that exalted the virtues of blogging, and how to motivate others to read said blog. I do not qualify as 'motivationally readable'. One reason? I make up phrases like motivationally readable, (which keeps popping up as a 'spell check' word and wasn't actually in the article). I suppose I will now also have to make up a definition. I'll get back to you on this.

While well intentioned, and definitely in a position to be the wisdom an aspiring author of any sort ought to listen to, I chose not to listen. I choose to make up phrases, ramble about nothing, not be especially entertaining or even all that profound. I choose instead to be the real me, and write what I'm feeling and thinking, even if grammatically incorrect. Besides, I'm not an aspiring author. Well, actually, that's because I've already been published. This is the point when you quite reading. I wrote a newspaper column extolling the value of herbs, herb garden, etc... I even got almost good at it. I just don't really have the desire right now to be a published author. Of a book. Or a readable blog.

Today I take my stand. I didn't start this looking for a million followers. I don't usually come up with any ideas on how to legitimately balance everything my family is doing. In fact, if we could figure out how to balance everything, I probably wouldn't need to focus on renewal this year. I don't know that I care that anyone reads it. If someone does, and finds something useful here, great. If not, oh well. I have a digitized journal that went so much faster than if I had hand-written it.

This did generate a thought process though. What if that's what everything in my life actually looked like? What if a really wise person, who I should listen to, gave me some great advice and I didn't listen? Hmmmm,  it would seem I've seen this play already. In the case of my silly little blog it truly doesn't matter if I listen to the wise counsel or not. I'm doing this more for myself. But what about all the other areas of life, where wisdom is right there for the listening? If I ignore that wisdom, aren't I saying that those areas are 'silly' or just for me?

(This is the place where I'm supposed to sum up, or offer some profound thought. But I think today, it'll be a cliff-hanger - another no-no if you want people to read what you write!)

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