Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Spinning Wheel

I finally did it. I bought a spinning wheel! I've been spinning wool and angora on a drop spindle for a few years now. TEDIOUS!

I found a great little wheel and decided that since I've worked my tushy off the last few weeks, I had earned it. The hubby wisely did not argue. Of course I told him after the fact and located some compelling arguments about how it will pay for itself, since I can spin all the roving that's been sitting, then make these awesome purses (that everyone says are awesome) and sell them. Supplies are already on hand. He rolled his eyes.

I brought it home and the child and I set about putting it together. Girl Power! I then tried it out, spent 4 hours cursing at it, and finally went online to see why the blasted thing would NOT cooperate and do anything other than tear fibers out of my hand. Imagine my shame, when I discover that I have it set on the wrong settings. All of a sudden it worked just fine! Oops!

I haven't really had time to use it, except for once while watching TV with the family. I now have 3 skeins of yarn of my own, 1 skein for Hannah (her roving was horrible and the fibers were so short I thought I was going to loose my mind), and another batch I will get to start today! I'm so excited!! First I have to get cleaning, and get laundry going, and get to my studio and get caught up on workshops....

I love my stamp business, it's why I do it. But today I want to play on my spinning wheel. No jobs, no work, no household responsibilities. It could be considered a mini-vacation right? I'm sure if I suggest it, I will get more eye-rolling from the hubby! ;)

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