Friday, April 13, 2012

Wasn't That The Point?

Originally, this blog was supposed to be about my year of renewal. Since renewal was the topic, why not title this blog fittingly? Since my life truly consists of a home, many hobbies, and jobs, it seemed fitting....renewal would apply to all.

The point of focusing on renewal for 2012 was because the previous few years had their own words. As I've been writing though, I've realized that while I AM finding renewal in some small ways, there should actually be a bunch of different blogs. Possibly one for each area of my life as they seem to not overlap as well as I think they ought to since they are all a part of who I am.

Wasn't that the point? In finding renewal, all areas of my life would find there own refreshment and new look? My home and yard are experiencing some fresh new looks. My wardrobe has become more creative than in previous years. My hobbies are kind of still sitting, waiting for me to find time for them. My spiritual life is probably making the largest shift and seeing the most something.

Yet somehow, probably due to my own silliness in reading hard-hitting 'growth-type' books, it seems as if what I've actually found is stretching, not renewing. So I'm hoping that the renewing part comes as a result of the stretching part? As of this moment, the only thing I know for sure I've found is the exhaustion part.

Then again, that really was the point wasn't it? Growth and a renewed sense of self and goals and passions and calling? So maybe its just that I'm not super comfortable with the process. I really am an 'end-result' kind of girl I guess. Everything in the middle? Well, I figured out what its point is just yet.

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