Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crafts & Shopping Reduce PMS?

Today I'm doing my happy dance.....why? Because I am about to go play for the whole day in my Studio! And my hubby is making me do it! WOOHOO!!

Granted, part of my studio time increases our income, so I suppose his insistence is based on that. But, he also knows it makes me happy, fills my inspiration and refreshment tank and makes me such a nice person. I think secretly he like the nice person effect the best!

I bet if women could prove that shopping and crafting  and bubble baths, led to a reduction in PMS our hubbies would hand us their credit cards, paychecks, car keys, and say 'would you please do this - you deserve it', totally straight-faced while doing their own happy dance!

We girls have know all along that crafts, shopping, bubble baths, shoes and purses, make us happier people. It just takes men a bit to realize that this a true statement, and not just an excuse to indulge. (If we said we're barely any clothes made us happy, I betcha they'd believe that in like 2 seconds!)

So I'm off to the Studio for a bit of boring old 'work' time......just tell my hubby it'll make me a much more cheerful person and won't cost him a dime. I can see him dancing a jig already! :)

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