Friday, May 11, 2012

Hey Ya'll - Exciting News!

I talk like a southerner, and I know it. I say ya'll proudly. It's all that country music I listen too! I've been absent for awhile, and should in fact be in bed even as I'm typing. Early start to my day tomorrow.

I had to get on and share though.....God has opened some awesome doors and ta-da! I have an additional home-based business! I know, I know, like I needed another thing to do. BUT, this is the culmination of years of praying, resurrecting my lost business which I just loved, and is a great future for us.

It incorporates all my fave things, the things I'm most passionate about, and believe it or not, won't actually take that much more of my time. These are all things I already do, things I've been doing for years, and I've actually been pursuing partially for a long time.

We can incorporate school, my daughter can be involved (and has her own role to play following her passions!), and will give opportunity to some others who have been pursuing the chance to sell some of their handmade items. Win-win.

When God opens doors you best walk through them! I'm not completely insane so I recognize His hand so clearly in this there is just no way to NOT go through the door, down the road, and thank Him for His blessing!

So be will continue to unfold.....and God is at work!

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