Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Open Doors

Before I hear the phrase 'Are you nuts?' from my dear, sweet friends, I must say that God has indeed opened some doors that I just know I'm supposed to walk through.

The most recent doors that have opened? We launched a website, through which people can purchase our creative passions. Han is creating some awesome jewelry pieces, I've got my handmade cards from my Stampin' Up! workshops, and then there is the spinning, angora fibers, etc.... This is a great way for us to do something that we are already doing, and put it out there. Pursuing our creative passions is something we don't take for granted & wanted a way to share those things with others. We go live for orders on June 1st, 2012, but the website is under construction & view-able now: www.threestrandcottage.com

The second door that God swung open, was the other home business venture that I just started: Pink Papaya. I had never heard of the company before a few weeks ago. I learned they are a relatively new skincare company, with the most amazing products! We prayed about it, thought about it, asked a million questions, prayed & thought some more, and decided I should jump in. It is one of those things that I just know came from God. Check out my website here: www.pinkpapayaparty.com/kimhazer

I'm always crazy busy I know, but in the last few weeks, God has revealed so much to me, and done so much for me in the way of clarifying. A good friend posted something on Facebook yesterday: I'm going to start INVESTING my time, instead of SPENDING my time. (I've paraphrased).

This is 100% of what my life truly is focused on. I want to invest my time with my family, my friends, my talents, my resources, my life, my faith. Each door that opens isn't necessarily opening to the 'best' thing, but when the best things are in front of you, you walk through...no hesitation. God provided me with the ministry opportunity that was the 'best' for me, at the 'best' time. He has provided building blocks for my family & for every home business. He has provided the financial stability for me to pursue the things I'm passionate about, while also sharing my resources with others.

So, when God opens doors to the best things, I'm going to walk through. When the windows & doors open to the 'good' or 'okay' things, I'm going to say 'no'. It's not worth it to me, to spend my time doing anything that doesn't produce a return.

Even better? I'm doing the things I enjoy the most, with my daughter & husband, and we are all having a blast! She is getting a great education in business (like she really needed more after years of coming to work with me!), hubby is realizing his goal of me eventually being home full-time, & I get to have fun 'going to work' & doing ministry!

Thank you Lord for the amazing doors that have opened, the amazing opportunities that have come my way, and the awesome chance I've had to pursue my passions & ministry!!

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