Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pivotal Moments

This weekend was full of what I will call "Pivotal Moments". From networking with some awesome business people, to doors opening that I wouldn't have looked for, to renewing & healing in areas I wasn't aware needed it, to locating a night (like 8 whole hours) of sleep, to having some time off and just chill-axing. (How do you spell this word? Who made it up? Why did I use it?)

I got some sun, got the gardens all cleared out (thanks too hubby!), got some business done, got inspired, and discovered what I want the Studio makeover to include & came up with how I can do it for no cost, which should make hubby jump up & down! He's never actually done this before (jump up & down), but may once he reads this. I forgot to tell him this new fact, in the midst of all the other stuff.

As I type, I'm making dinner, reviewing another book I've been reading, and looking over my schedule. Yet I feel a sense of peace about everything. God has done some stuff that I just can't put words too. How awesome is that!

Each pivotal moment came complete within its own confirmation of something that God had told me before, or clarity about something that was unclear, or re-assurance that it was indeed God moving....

There were even a few "I need to think this through" moments, in which no stress was involved, and a decision was reached. I mean how in the world could I all of a sudden come up with a FREE way to re-do the Studio, that will be perfect? Only God, since we all know that shopping & redecorating are some of a girls favorite things!

One of the most amazing moments came on Sunday, in which God spoke so loudly to me that I didn't even have to think twice. It was as if after all this time of seeking, praying, studying, etc....God just decided to change things up, and wham! Right there clarity, loud & clear & precise! An answer to prayers I didn't realize to pray, a solution & perspective I never considered, a God-moment that was pivotal for me in my faith & my journey.

So on we go, with all these pivotal moments behind, and better clarity ahead. Let's skip along for awhile, because I was getting really getting tired of crawling!! :)

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