Thursday, May 3, 2012

Right Around The Corner

There are some great things coming right around this next corner. I can feel it, I can see it, I can taste it. I'm super excited about it.

God has been opening doors right and left, giving us wisdom and direction, and even helping me be patient about some things. I'm glad He did that, because I'm not sure I'd be as appreciative of all these doors if I hadn't sat for awhile.

Keep reading over the next bit. I'm working towards walking through a few of those doors. I'm excited to share and looking forward all that's coming.

Some will be hard, but God has granted me a tremendous sense of peace about some of it. There's been healing, truth, victory and so much clarity and growth.

It must be preparation for all that's coming. From what I can see - it's going to be amazing!

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