Sunday, May 20, 2012

Studio Makeover 2012 Complete!

I never remember to do before & after pics, but I have the original pics from I cleaned & re-did last spring, so those will have to do.

I painted the floor, but left the walls & curtain the same. I also got rid of a million more things, & this is not an exaggeration either. Boxes once again left the room.

I actually like it so well, I don't plan on doing anything different.......for at least a year! ;)



 This worked for awhile, but was actually pretty cluttered. A small work space & not great storage. 


 This is the corner of the room. I switched out the brown cabinet for the buffet, which was being used as 'storage'...meaning stuff was shoved in it. The drawer now holds all the jewelry supplies, the Big Shot & Die storage box sit on top so I can use it anytime, without it taking up my work space. The cabinet space holds tools, wood-mount stamp sets, pictures that need to be placed in a scrapbook, and misc. items.

 To the left of the corner, the walking wheel takes up a lot of space, so I angled it and put my dress form & basket holder in front of the window. Plenty of room for the smaller treadle wheel & all my fibers for spinning.

 The opposite corner & closet door. The old suitcases hold my yarns & crochet hooks. The closet has all the fabric, formal wear, frames, etc... Any spare, not often used item is in the closet.

 This file cabinet was a cheapo Walmart find & is about 10 years old. I spray painted it, then applied one of my fave Stampin' Up! papers to the front of the drawers & trimmed with some ribbon.  

 This is against the wall to the right corner of the buffet. There are a few  empty spaces waiting to be filled. The rack on the wall holds all the retired Stampin' Up! colors, accessories, and there was room for few of the clear mount stamp boxes. 

 My desk & work space. The two lamps ensure that in the evening I can see what I'm working on really well. My paper cutter, stamp pads and punches are all right there.

 My desk with display space on the wall. The vase was a gift from my girl, filled with some of my fave things. The shoe is a tape dispenser! I love it!
  My ancient treadle sewing machine & mannequin. She is made of paper mache' w/ painted yarn hair. I hate to get rid of her even though she's missing her hands...when will I ever find another one? Hannah's easel & painting supplies are sitting there begging for some art!

 The door into the hallway, out of the room. The bookshelf in the background used to be in the Studio, but is now being moved into Hannah's room after it gets a coat of I believe she said red paint. (Her room is the next to be done. It's going 'teen'.)

I absolutely love the new floor. It's the same beige color as the hallway & brightened the room up a lot. I think I may add a small area rug in the middle, just for a pop of color & texture. 

Happy crafting everyone!! :) 

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