Monday, June 4, 2012


A friend and I have been discussing life a lot lately. So many that we both know, plus ourselves, seem to be going through a 'something'. So we just keep praying for each other, standing by each other, & holding each other up.

If all these 'somethings' are to produce Godly character, than in each case, regardless of how it seems, so long as we fix our eyes on what we know to be the truth of God's word, it will produce good qualities &  Godly character in us. If we fail to rely on God though it will destroy us. Isn't that what the enemy wants? To destroy us & our faith?

Even a child is known by his actions...i.e. character, choices, behavior, decisions. (Prov. 20:11, paraphrased) This is how we can know if what is happening is indeed creating Godly character in us - what do our decisions, actions, behaviors say about the situation & us? Do we run or do we stand? Do we retaliate or do we forgive? Do we panic or do we trust?

We will all fall down, screw up, make mistakes, trip, stumble, fail, try, etc.... The question begs to be asked we trust God with our lives, our actions, our somethings? When we buy into the lie that we can't get up, God is not to be trusted, we have to rely on ourselves, we can't follow God because He 'obviously' isn't doing His thing, we lose ground & let it eat into the Godly character God is trying to create in us.

We might be able to fool others with our external image. We won't fool God though. We can make the outside look good, but it's what's inside that counts. God looks at a man's heart & sees what's really going on.....even when we don't want to admit it. Does your 'outside' character match your 'inside' character?

Its not always an easy or fun path, but it's totally worth it if we desire to glorify God in our lives. He didn't & doesn't need me to accomplish His purposes or plans, but He wanted me to play a role. Thank you Lord that you have created me on purpose for a purpose & are far more gracious, patient, kind & loving than I can hope to be, and gracious enough to help me on this journey you've called me too!

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