Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Crazy, Crazy Life

Two whole months.....such crazy, crazy months too! June was moving along with rapid speed, followed by a July where no one was home at the same time!

Family events, family visits, a mission trip, a conference, a family vacation, garage sales, new renters, no rain, then rain & an all of a sudden ripe garden harvest, insanity all around.....

Through the last few months we've also experienced some fairly intense spiritual warfare. Our friends have faced it, we've faced it, our families have faced seems to be going around. This leads me to wonder what's up.

I don't think warfare is necessarily a bad thing though. It forces us to dig deeper into the word, stand firmer in our resolve, and when done as a unified group, can lead to some of the most precious times and deepest growth.

While the goal is destruction, I instead offer this - what if God has allowed it all to foster a greater dependence on Him? I'm a very independent doer who loves plans and outlines. I'm an in-process of reformation control freak. So for me to learn to give everything to God without knowing anything other than trust & faith.....that is soooooooo scary.

Yet if trials in life can teach us anything, its that God is who He says He Is. He is indeed in charge. My fave new quote is from The Chronicles of Narnia - 'of course he's not safe; but he's good'. Of course our God isn't 'safe', but He is GOOD! If we think we experience trials and hardship in our nice little houses, at our busy little jobs, in our surface friendships, and our hardly ever home families, how much more so would it be if we weren't in nice little houses, at busy little jobs, without our never home families? What if persecution came in the form of hiding our faith which was punishable by death? What if trials came in the form of losing the only child we had been allowed to have? What if difficulty presented itself in the form of no anything?

So I'm going to start thanking God for the opportunity that I have anything to complain about anyway...I have a child who I can argue with during the dreaded teen years, a husband who irritates me sometimes because he won't do things my way, a job that provides food, a home that needs cleaning.....and a faith so strong the devil feels the need to attack it & try to take it down a notch.

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