Thursday, October 11, 2012

Still Being Renewed

I am just overwhelmed with the amazing miracles I've been seeing God perform around here lately! Things that only He could've done, things that weren't prayed for, expected, and quite honestly, were overwhelming gracious!

Little things really aren't so little, when you step back and look at how super amazing they are in light of all the other stuff going on. A nice breeze just after the dryer kicks the bucket. A gift that was unexpected. A peace that comes in the midst of a battle. 

Each of these seem small and insignificant. Yet each and every one is a small win, designed to remind us that indeed God is in control all the time and we really don't need to worry.

At the beginning of the year a group of us started on a word for the year. I picked renewal as my word and journey. I have found that God has been doing just that as time has passed.

My faith, my health, my life....slowly but surely God has renewed each area. Now, I find that God is overwhelming me with blessings and peace. There has been struggle for sure. I've been seeing though that even in the midst of struggle, He has renewed my joy, my peace, my confidence that He indeed does have a plan to prosper us, grow us, guide us, and comfort us no matter what. :)

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