Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I live in the Midwest, so it should come as NO surprise to me that during winter, storms will happen. This does not mean that I must like them, be enthusiastic about them, or want to go play in them!

There's one heading this way as I write. It began as a baby snow, than turned into a toddler snow (4"), then grew some more to a grown up snow (8"), and now has aged to the point of potential-but-really-highly-likely-blizzard. I DO NOT LIKE BLIZZARD conditions.

Everyone is glued to the weather watching as it unfolds. Stocking up on groceries so that we don't run out of anything during the 1 day we're not going anywhere. Well, it might be 2 days if drifts are high enough. Out come the shovels, the plow's have been attached & hydraulic fluid filled. In fact, my hubby, who's been sick for 2 days with some stomach thing, was up & prepping so he's ready to go play, whoops, I meant plow. ;)

I on the other hand can only see the mountains of housework & laundry that await me during this potential snow-day. Christmas is in less than 1 week.....I might want to focus on this at some point immediately. Presents need to be wrapped, some still need to be bought in fact. Oh, I'm already tired.

As I was being a type-a girl & getting all my ducks in a row, just in case, it struck me that this is exactly how life goes. Now before you once again remind me that this is a 'duh', hear me out.

Things are going along as usual, when out of the blue a major winter storm creeps up on you and changes from a baby storm to a full blown blizzard in no time. Usually we don't have advanced warning in life, so we find ourselves scrambling to come up with a new plan, running out of food, patience, faith, sleep, whatever.

My family JUST walked through some challenging things with such high hopes. Things began to fall into place, answers began to come through, hopes began to run high....2013 is going to kick butt!! Then, a blizzard! No warning, no planning, everything comes to halt because life has been interrupted by life.

To be perfectly honest, I'd rather drive through a life blizzard than a winter blizzard. I don't even like driving when there's only 3" of snow on the ground. Yes, I'm a big baby who lives in the Midwest. Duh!! But in truth, life's blizzards & storms can be prayed through, worked through, and dealt with sometimes so much easier than snow. It can get slick, you can get stuck, fall down, go sliding, ditch things, etc....but we can also pray, nap, rely on good friends, read our Bible, etc... We still can't see anything, we're treading carefully, and we might have to put the chains on to get through, but we're all together - fairly healthy - and no that it's all in God's hands. He can see through it all, keep us on the road, protect us when we slip, & hold us tightly when it gets cold.

2013 is still going to KICK BUTT!! We just have to get there.....:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gentle Prodding or All Out Shoving?

I can't believe how many amazing things have happened in less than one week! It seems like I began last week contemplating what 2013 would like and here I am on the brink of amazement.

It began on Tuesday really. God orchestrated it so that I was able to have a wonderful chat with a dear friend. As we sat and talked, and talked, and talked, and....well you get the idea, we discovered that God not only orchestrated the whole thing, but that it was absolutely necessary for both of us for confirmation in quite specific areas in our lives. 

Thankfully, my 2012 experience proved itself useful. Guess I have to thank God for all that stretching! Some of my other friends who also have stretching stories were delighted to find out later, that I related their journeys which pretty much finished off the whole thing! Seems that all this Gumby-style stretching is proving useful still. :)

Over the course of the last 7 days, God has moved in some of the most dramatic (I'm a reformed exaggerator, so I know drama!) ways in not only my life, but in the lives of my "Gumby" buddies.

So here's the question: Is it gentle prodding by God that we all step into these amazing things God is obviously setting up? Or is He all out shoving us into them? 

I don't believe that any of us are fighting Him, or arguing with Him, since these are all GOOD things & positive doors....but all are uncomfortable & require some sitting, patience, peace, and clarification. If He's shoving, I would just as soon move on my own. If it's prodding I don't want to run ahead.

When things are shaken loose, it only makes room for new to grow. When our lives are pruned, we will flourish. So maybe that's the word we Gumby-Girls should claim for 2013 - FLOURISH!!! 

I'm claiming it for sure, but I'm willing to share!!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Almost Ready for 2013

I can't believe how fast 2012 has flown by! Now, with only a month left, I find myself contemplating a new focus word for 2013.

So many new things this year, so many new things coming. So much growth and stretching....so much still to grow through. If 2012 was a shaking loose of things to be rid of, 2013 should be a growing of new things to replace the old right?

Opportunities for moving into God's best for me have flourished this past year. New opportunities are on the horizon for next year, and I find myself searching for clear cut direction. Which way should I go? What will be the best possible choices for me to make? What will create the best scenario for my family? How in the world will I face having a 14 year old?!

I love how God gives nudges, open doors, windows, and circumstances that give glimmers into what direction He's leading. I always appreciate the learning AFTER it's occurred....don't care for it much in the midst.

I think that I'll spend December enjoying the things I love about Christmas, and embracing the unknown as just that - the unknown. Maybe my new word for 2013 will be patience or stillness or how about abundance. Now there's a word I can handle! :)

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