Sunday, December 2, 2012

Almost Ready for 2013

I can't believe how fast 2012 has flown by! Now, with only a month left, I find myself contemplating a new focus word for 2013.

So many new things this year, so many new things coming. So much growth and much still to grow through. If 2012 was a shaking loose of things to be rid of, 2013 should be a growing of new things to replace the old right?

Opportunities for moving into God's best for me have flourished this past year. New opportunities are on the horizon for next year, and I find myself searching for clear cut direction. Which way should I go? What will be the best possible choices for me to make? What will create the best scenario for my family? How in the world will I face having a 14 year old?!

I love how God gives nudges, open doors, windows, and circumstances that give glimmers into what direction He's leading. I always appreciate the learning AFTER it's occurred....don't care for it much in the midst.

I think that I'll spend December enjoying the things I love about Christmas, and embracing the unknown as just that - the unknown. Maybe my new word for 2013 will be patience or stillness or how about abundance. Now there's a word I can handle! :)

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