Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Bro

My 'little' brother recently 'accused' me of being something of an overly-dramatic person. Sadly, this is a pretty accurate accusation. I grew up in a home filled with literal drama great-grandmother was an actress, and so on down the line.

I also grew up with loud, enthusiastic, exclamatory, filled with emotion, and, let's say 'discussions'. My whole family is loud and dramatic and filled with exaggeration of all sorts. Apples only fall from apple trees you know. Thank goodness I like apples!

My bro made this statement quite dramatically I might add, placing great emphasis on the details he didn't want me to miss. I just grinned at him, and pointed out that we are cut from familiar cloth.

I prefer to think of myself as an energetic, enthusiastic person, who really does enjoy her life & realizes her blessings. If this means that I seem a bit excited or dramatic sometimes.....well this is to be expected.

Yes, I'm loud. Yes, I can be quite emotional (rarely tears, but emotion yes). Yes, I ALWAYS over-react initially, but given about 5 minutes can calm down & look at the facts. I hate drama, don't appreciate negativity, and despise deceit.

Brother of mine I believe I will take your loving words & respond in an over-dramatic way via blog as follows:

I would rather be an overly-dramatic person in all areas, than a dull-boring person in any area. I would rather over-react than under-react. I would rather over-emphasize, than not. I would rather be over the top, than completely forgettable.

I am working on creating balance in all things. I'm growing into who I will be when I grow up. I've curbed my temper, toned down exaggerated word choices, and now try to live with just the joy of my life. I will get it wrong, make mistakes, and try again. I will sometimes be a moldy apple, filled with worms of the over-done.

I will also post this for all to see, utilize your wise advice and finally remind you that apples only fall from apple trees. I write this in your honor....because I'm the big sister & I can & there's nothing like a little bit overly-dramatic response! :D

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