Monday, February 4, 2013


I was so stoked this past Saturday because two of my favorite bands teamed up for a special concert event - Journey & Rascal Flatts. I stayed up until 10pm just to watch, and even convinced the hubby to interrupt his 'nap' and dance with me to our song. :)

Journey had a new lead singer and let me just say, while he may be able to sing, he ruined forever my delusion that I'm not getting any older. He was probably 10....the rest of the band is not 10, none of the Flatts are 10, and I certainly am not 10. In fact the rest of us aren't 20 or 30 anymore either!

It was an amazing hour listening so some of my favorite songs, heard in stereo and I wish I could've been there!

The most humorous part of the entire event was the fact that when I woke up Sunday morning, all I could think about was the word 'journey'. Co-inky-dink? The whole day all the idea of being on a journey lingered in my brain. Now mind, the Superbowl was scheduled for that evening, so even that tied into the word - both teams had a long journey getting there.

Today, I took the time to process this lingering a bit. I think the idea of being on a journey is what it really was. My journey through life. How far I've come and still have to go. The challenges I've dealt with and will inevitably face in the future. The difference in who I am because of all that I've experienced. The joy of knowing that I'm still heading down the same road, to the same place and goal, and knowing that there are tremendous opportunities right in front of me.

I'm so excited to see what is just around the corner up-ahead. Big things, exciting things, blessings that I claim even now! Thankfulness that they are sitting there waiting, and gratefulness that I have so many friends around me to share the experience with. The journey is always more fun when done in group formation!!

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