Thursday, February 14, 2013


So many people don't like Valentine's Day. It's hard for me to believe that the ONE day devoted to saying I love you, would have haters.

Of course I don't NEED some pre-determined day to say I love you, or to hear it. BUT, you must admit, men don't usually forget it...unlike anniversaries, birthdays, etc... My man always remembers all of the above, but I certainly don't mind the extras today. :)

This has by far been the literal best Valentine's Day I have ever had. It began with me getting up at my usual time, then rolling back over and falling back to sleep for just another hour. When I woke up, my hubby had gone and gotten me my fave doughnut, and left for me to find. :) What an awesome, thoughtful thing to do! I then made the sad mistake of telling him it was even better than flowers, not realizing he had also ordered my fave colored roses to be delivered here. (They delivered mine & my daughters to HIM! How funny!!)

What made it by far the best though, was God in His most loving way, showered me with gifts today. I for the first time in all my life was keenly aware of not only who I was, but who He is! His extreme generosity in handing me back my dreams even if only for a moment brought me to tears.

Then, he gave me a new friend, who I already consider so dear to my heart! What a sweetie! Love you girl!! Then he blessed me with a phone call from a bestie who needed the reminder that God has such great plans for us all! In His time though. Then a great chat with another new friend God sent my! What awesome connections & blessings these people are in my life! Then another chat with another great friend!

It was a day filled with my fave people, doing my fave things, and relishing in this amazing Love. Even small glimmers of hope and peace are sometimes enough to breathe fresh air into our lives. I have had a whole week like that - glimmers, joy, peace, contentment, and lots of admiration for an amazing God who blessed me with the one thing I always wanted - peace that passes understanding!

No matter what tomorrow holds, I can look back on today & always remember the refreshment my spirit felt, the joy in the moment, the love of my God. I will walk boldly forward into tomorrow thanking God ahead of time for what I know will continue to be a journey of love & blessing!!

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