Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Politically Correct

I hate the phrase politically correct. What does it mean exactly? See, last I checked we had a growing number of political parties, that all differed in their view points in many areas. That would mean, that in identifying with any of them, you would in essence, by disagreeing with the rest, be unable to politically correct.

Does it mean that we are to be in agreement with the majority or the minority? And how am I to know which group is currently the minority group of the moment? And, how am I possibly to know what each camp believes? And what if I agree with some of the views of a couple of the camps? Then what am I allowed to say?

What if I disagree in principle, but agree in the practical....or vice versa? And which major religion is backing which thought or trend? And if I disagree with a major religion, than would it be religiously incorrect, while agreeing with another would be religiously correct?

Where does that leave me in the business world? Different industries employ different means of accessing, tracking, and marketing their goods/services/vision. Which is the 'right' one....or more aptly, which is correct?

Wouldn't it be more practical and accurate to instead say that I was being 'evangelically correct' or 'independently correct' or 'femaninely correct' or 'caucasiananly correct'?

If we all agreed, then wouldn't we essentially, possess a Hitler-like attitude, which stated that anything other than what he considered to be correct, was incorrect and therefore needed to be eradicated in order to protect the correct?

Sadly however, I think this is exactly what IS happening. If you disagree with me, we aren't allowed to be 'friends' anymore. If you don't say what I think you should, or dress the way I think you should, or aren't behaving the way I want you to, I just don't think we can get along. Everyone must act, think, speak, believe the same things.....in order to protect the 'correct'.

In an effort to not offend any group we must censor ourselves to the point that we may no longer have independent opinions, beliefs, or thoughts. Then we will all be the same and be equal and correct and can be friends. We will have eradicated the incorrect and protected the correct.

Doesn't this lead to the question though of what correct is? Who gets to decide? The majority? But should it be the majority of white or black or Hispanic or male or female or evangelical or Catholic or atheist or Jew or old or young or smart or rich or poor or physically challenged or tall or short or blond or brunette or..... who? And if it's the majority of American, than what is an American? And if you're an American than can you also be polish or Italian or African or British? And once you have identified these factors, than shouldn't we all start living with only those that match better?

I know....we need to bring back segregation! Remember that? Where the majority of white people decided what the African-American population was allowed to do...where they could live, work, drink, ride, be educated. How about when the immigrants came and only lived together in groups....Little Italy, Chinatown, because they 'fit' better.

So it seems that instead of moving forward, in essence we're moving backwards....I won't hang out with you until you think/act/look like me. I'm sorry, but I don't see this as progress. Before you get all pissy and start posting comments, I ask that you stop and think....how many people do you ACTUALLY know that don't look like or sound like you? Stop and think how many people you've removed from your 'friend' list because their views differed and you decided that wouldn't do. Stop and think about that conversation YOU had the other day with someone that may have offended THEM.

Yes, I will delete your comments or not post them at all. Is it because I may not agree with you? No. It's because I'm not seeking to create a debate or a discussion or a division. I'll delete them whether you agree or disagree. I'm asking you to stop....think....process....decide - for YOURSELF... Not a group, not a party, not to fit in. Just to think independently about what it is you believe and how it actually looks and what it actually means. I'm simply putting some thoughts out there to consider because of some of my recent experiences.

Truthfully, I may not even agree with some of the questions I've posed....but I've heard some of them asked recently. Some of them came as statements even....not questions. Facts not opinions. This just makes me so mad because I have friends of assorted races, sexes, educational backgrounds, political viewpoints, religious affiliations, backgrounds, sexual orientation, belief systems, addicts, ex-cons, morally upright, somewhere in the middles, immigrants, illegals, employed, un-employed, homeless, rich, etc... People who I talk with regularly, love, respect, admire, appreciate being in my life.

This diverse group of PEOPLE have added so much to my life. We don't always agree, but can talk through, work out, and treat each other with respect and dignity. THIS is in my eyes what being 'correct' is about. They are not pushed to compromise what they believe and neither am I. We can agree to disagree. They have formed their views based on what they have lived with and through, as have I.

This isn't a question for me about right vs wrong. This is a question of choosing how we treat PEOPLE. If you don't have friends that are ex-cons, don't tell me how to 'rehabilitate' them. If you have never lived with an addict, don't tell me how to 'cure' them. If you haven't heard racial slurs while standing with your very dear friend, don't tell me how 'those people' ought to react. Don't give me a clearer definition of what love looks like, while spewing hate and disrespect. Don't tell me what my 'correct' opinion or position should be, until you know WHY my opinion/position is what it is, and don't criticize me for my views until you've willingly walked all those many miles in my shoes.

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