Monday, July 28, 2014

New Adventures

It always amazes me how things in life work out. Sometimes it looks like everything is falling apart, or going wrong, or just won't fit together. Other times it looks like everything will fit together just perfectly! 

My favorite times are the fit perfectly times. They are comfortable, fun, exciting, refreshing, energizing - just great! The others, well, they tend to require growth, patience, endurance - generally less pleasant in the moment.

Somehow though, each of the events of our lives, will work themselves into a beautiful picture, if we let them. When we learn to let go, learn to fly, learn to let each series of events strengthen us or motivate us towards something so much more than it appears to be.

If you're a control freak, it's hard to fly. We tend to focus so much on the minor details, we miss the major opportunities. We tend to fear the spider's web. That deadly sticky place where we can't get free. So we do a major investigation ahead of time looking for any evidence that a spider is present in the room before we take off.

Even worse is when control freaks learn to fly! Everyone else panics!!! When a control freak finally let's go, jumps, and finds contentment, everyone else seems to want to ground them. If the control freak can fly, then no one else has an excuse to sit still!!

Maybe all of our life is supposed to just be a grand adventure, traveling to each new place, seeing new sights, flying into the best plan God has for each of us! What if we're really supposed to allow each new series of events to teach us something, grow, and fly off to share the news?

Truthfully, this is what most of us believe - but our lives never reflect what we believe. We get so stuck in the comfort & safety of talking about what we believe that we forget to LIVE it! We forget that we don't have to worry about all the prospective dangers, because if we're where we're supposed to be, it may not be SAFE, but it will be GOOD! 

I'm getting ready to take the leap & head into a place God has been 'nagging' me about for quite some time. I feel fearful & excited all at the same time. Fearful because it's all in His hands, excited because I'm so ready to fly! 

So here's to everyone sitting there waiting for comfort & peace before taking off! You can do it! I believe in you!!!

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