Thursday, February 11, 2016

Overwhelmed - In A God Way

I wasn't planning on writing again this week. Ordinarily I "save" up a week's worth of thoughts, prayers, lessons, whatever, and then sit down to write.

God however, decided that I needed to be sitting here again. Writing again. The "why" I'm not clear on, but the heart and the who and the need I am very clear on. 

If you read earlier this week, I wrote about my word for 2016 - Creative. I wrote about my revelation turned realization. I knew that I was expecting an amazing week of creative pursuits. I knew that I had a new Bible journaling devotional coming from Illustrated Faith called "Created to Create". I knew that I would be taking my daughter to pick out some high quality art supplies for her educational and career goals. 

Yesterday, my box came from DaySpring, Illustrated Faith's new partner. It got here just before we left for our shopping trip, so OF COURSE, I had to open it right away and do my 'happy dance'. Yes, I truly and for real have a happy dance I do over things like this. My family just laughs as a hop around - but it's all due to my joy over small things. 

It is amazing!! I'm so excited to get started. First though, off to my daughter's day. I finally arrive home last evening, get everything settled, chat with my hubs, and can actually sit down to 'play' with my new journaling supplies. I'm so ready, especially since the box came a day earlier than expected, and I had held off doing anything the day before. 

Since I am a reader, and a planner, and always look ahead, I read the whole devotional. Just 12 days worth, but still. And as I read, I'm struck - well, overwhelmed really - at how Shanna has addressed some of the EXACT things I had summarized in my post on Monday! My stick-man Jonah is even in there!!

So, I instead go to highlight and read the verses included so that I can work on them and reflect throughout the next few weeks. And again, overwhelmed to discover that they ALL correlate to some of the very topics not only in my blog post, but the very topics God and I have been chatting about for a bit now. She even has a line in there that is an exact quote I used during the day!

Out comes my new "Ideas & Inspiration" journal, which I had not intended to actually journal in...and I wrote over 3 pages filled with all that God was speaking to me about. Joy and peace washed over me as more and more spilled out. How God is so faithful to confirm His plans, words, promises, whispers. 

Well, I decided that I needed to get busy on the journaling I had been putting off while waiting for my box of goodies. So I begin and realize that I had highlighted much more than just one verse. I had highlighted a whole paragraph....and hadn't really read it through or allowed it to sink in. Boy howdy did God know what He was doing the other night when I began. MORE CONFIRMATION!!! As I sat and meditated, back to my journaling again, with another 2 pages of thoughts, praise, wonder, and awe.

This morning God spoke to me. He gave me the plan instead of me making the plan. He is working here, and He is asking me to be faithful also. Today a new journey begins for me. Today months of God's prompting, whispering, waiting, patience, growth, and so much more is put into place. Today is a new day filled with the hope and promise that 'He who began a good work in ME, will see it through until the end".

Let me encourage you to also begin today - begin journaling, begin living creatively, begin letting go of all that hinders you - let go of all that is holding you back. Discover who God made you to be. Embrace the gifts He has given you. Time is too short to waste your days living in fear of what other's may think, or to compare yourself to what other's are capable of. Instead, live out your dreams, discover what's in your hand, embrace color, and fun, and laughter, and love and joy!!

PS - Thank you Shanna Noel for following God's call to you! Thank you for speaking your heart and all He laid on it!

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