Monday, February 29, 2016

The Studio Part 2

We began the Studio makeover on Friday. Today is Monday. It ended up not being nearly as bad as I had thought it might be. It did however cause my body to majorly rebel Sunday, which meant virtually the whole day in bed. :(  Thankfully my family stepped it up, and we were still able to get it done in a fairly decent amount of time. I spent a lot of time sitting on the floor sorting through things. :) We even managed to get the closet cleaned & organized. 

I'm proud to say I DID manage to get it done for just the cost of a can of wall paint!!! That was totally in keeping with both my budget and my historically cheap ways! I always up-cycle, paint, move, shift, and re-purpose if possible. Here's a little tip - take your old shoe boxes (when they are brand new), cover in scrapbook paper, and you have picture & sticker storage boxes that will match any room!

As we moved things into our hallway, so we could paint the walls & ceiling, we also began sorting, tossing, and downsizing. 2 boxes of stuff to giveaway, 2 bags of trash, and ton's of stuff that didn't need to be in there anyway. There is still a bunch of stuff in the hallway that needs to find it's new home, but I can do that a little at a time. 

The teen chose the palest blue for a wall color, which I thought was great! Every color will end up looking truer to its shade, it's light and fresh, and it covered my fave peachy color really well. We just need some sheers and the teen needs to get busy getting some art onto the walls!! I also ended up raiding my office, and moving and switching some items around a bit. It created some extra usable space in my office, but also means I have to go back and do a bit of re-arranging down there. 

From the doorway looking in. We ended up throwing a coat of white paint onto the floor to help brighten the space even more. In front of the window is my antique walking-wheel. Used to spin wool, you would turn the large wheel while drawing the wool away from the spindle (hiding behind the dress form). It takes up a ton of space! It has been repaired a number of times before it came to live with me, and is missing some things, like the original leather guide strip. It does still work though, and I have spun yards of wool on it. Takes forever!

The old buffet makes a great display surface. Plus, tons of storage inside for things you want to be able to find easily, but aren't as pretty to look at. A wire shelf from the dollar store years ago houses my fave stamps, markers, and all my stamp pads. I can just turn around an grab what I need. The 2 bright pink storage ottoman's originally lived under the window as a window seat. They were moved to make room for the walking wheel. Wall shelves above hold my calligraphy pens, and have some space for more art!

This table is a vintage enamel top with 2 drawers. I gave it a new lease on life last year with a coat of bright yellow spray paint, and we moved it onto our porch as a summer table. I HAD to move it back into this space though. We actually like the weathered look it's sporting. If you can grab an enamel top for your own space I strongly encourage you to do so!! First, the top is practically indestructible. Second, you can get everything off of it - paint, grape juice, whatever. Third, in your kitchen you can just put your hot items right down, AND it stays cool for making pie crusts!! Love them! (I have another one with a red rim and robin egg blue base in my kitchen currently, hence this one's new placement.)

A shelf and sewing area house the rest of our stamps, art papers, books, and misc 'stuff''. The sewing machine is my grandmother's and needs some TLC before it can be used again. I opted not to bring any of my treadle machines up into this space for now. When the teen leaves and takes some of her art supplies with her, I will most likely move at least one of them back into this space. For now, they will live in the spare bedroom (probably) where all my vintage clothing lives. 

The other thing that is really great about this space? It's new color palette means that we have some really great lighting and room for some much better photo opp's for the kids portfolio. So excited to see what she is able to stage and set up. All these pictures were taking on my phone, during the morning. I can't wait to see how it looks this afternoon, when the sun is setting through the window! Downside, until we can get some sheers up, there will be some minor sun damage to any art she does put up. I don't think I had realized just how strong it comes through even in the winter!

We also have space now to host our Girl's Night's for bible journaling, planning, and more. The table can comfortably seat more than just the 2 of us, and everything we need is right there so no hauling stuff down to the dining room. :) 

It was a bit funny, that as we were going through every single box, shelf, tote, and storage space, we kept finding things we knew we had, but forgot about. It's been a long time since this room got used to it's fullest potential. I kind of just want to go sit in the space and create something now! 

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