Friday, February 26, 2016

The Studio

It was inevitable! I knew as soon as I sat down to 'tidy up' my craft studio it was all over. It must be re-done!!!

Over the past few years, one of my spare rooms has been used as a guest room, an office, a craft room, a school room, an office/craft space, etc... Primarily though, it has been the 'studio'. Called this because much of what happens there is beyond simple crafting.

My everything creative lives in this space. About three years ago it was the first room to undergo my living colorfully season. 

Now however, it needs to be a functional studio space for my art major daughter, my year of creativity, and my own sanity.

I find that I connect best with God in the midst of creative pursuits. Whether this is landscaping and gardening, or redecorating, or stamping, or sewing, or now bible journaling, I just seem to find Him there.

To re-do this space however, I must also be willing to part with even MORE of my carefully collected craft stash! Over the years I have managed to pare down my fabric, stamp sets, tools, baskets, etc... Now it is time to once again sort, re-home, up-cycle or gasp....toss! It is a little bit scary for me as I have been getting rid of 'stuff' for the last few years and BOXES of items have left this room!!

I have two, yes TWO treadle sewing machines that I can't bear to part with. Time to clean them, refurbish them, and I guess also get rid of one....larger gasp!

The walls need patching and painting, the floor needs painting. We definitely need more shelves, and storage... And I need to do it the way I always do all my home decorating projects - for barely any dollars! 

This project needs to be done as quickly as possible, and most assuredly before my child graduates high school, which is just a mere year and a half away! This means working at a productive pace, so that I can once again enter the room for all my craft and art needs. 

I then made the mistake of asking the teenager for her views. This normally super creative person has drawn a blank, and what is not blank is far more colorful than any version of life I can support! The room should inspire creativity and be a space that we can work in, not necessarily a piece of mixed media art! 

There will be NO before pics, as we have also been using the space for storage of items that need to find new homes. It is a mess in there right now. Not even a neat, tidy, organized craft room kind of a is a disorganized, makes me tired, I don't wanna, kind of mess. 

I will however provide after pictures only because if it goes the way I really hope it will, I will adore it. This means I will want to do my happy dance and share it with the world! :)

Wish me luck, and if you don't hear from me within the next four weeks, I either am still working (and will be grumpy) OR I finished it and do not want to come out! 

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