Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Brand New, Same Old, Part 1

Welcome to the brand new, yet same old blog! The name is new; the concept is old. The focus will be new, but it will contain some about the old. Are you thoroughly confused yet?

Let me help in a colorful, creative way: Here’s the story, of a stubborn lady, who was busy homeschooling her teen. She was being told, by God the Father, it was time for something new. It’s the story, of really great husband, who was busy encouraging her to hear. He was cheering, she did not like it. And now here we are!

Did you sing that? I sang while writing. If you are of a younger persuasion, you might not have caught the reference to a classic television show, “The Brady Bunch”. Utopia at its finest.

If you have read anything I’ve written, you will not be surprised by what I am about to share… I am embarking on another ‘new’. It is not new for me really; it is the same old. What makes it new(er) is the place I’m at in my life. I have been pretty comfortable learning (FINALLY) to sit and ‘be still’ and listen for God.

Apparently the whole ‘be still thing’ is only valid until God decides it is time for you to become active. Heed my warning, when He says move, you best be moving, because He will get a bullhorn, aim it at you, and start yelling! The drill sergeant from Police Academy, ‘move it, move it, move it’! FYI – God is really loud and persistent when He wants to be!

To match the drill sergeant yelling, He threw in some additional quotes for good measure. Examples? How about, ‘be ALL that YOU can be’, and ‘just do it’, and ‘dance, dance’. (The last one was mine, but it fits since I have been a dancing fool over percolators and inkwells!)

Then, He secured the help of my hubs and my best friend to share in the fun. Seriously? Even worse, He had the nerve to turn a Passion Week bible study into confirmation of what He was saying! How does THAT happen?

So here I am, becoming an active participant in His idea and plan. It shouldn’t be uncomfortable right? I am an entrepreneurial person, I love creating, I adore people. I should be enthusiastic. I am not. The reason will probably shock some of you. I am uncomfortable because I had grown content in, and with, the stillness. I also have some insecurities that I keep hidden away so no one will see them. I prefer not to acknowledge them at all, most of the time.

After a lifetime of running and pursuing, sitting down and learning quietly has been a joy and blessing. It was hard to learn for sure, but now that I am here, I don’t wanna get up. (Insert whiny teen or toddler voice.) Confirmation from God on this plan has gone above and beyond the norm. There is no doubt that it is time to be obey and get active again. I don’t understand a bit of it, or what it will look like, or see the whole plan. That is where trust will have to play a part.

The ‘old’ blog has a new name, to match the new plan. Visit again to read Part 2, but until then – consider carefully for yourself – is God trying to get your attention? Has He told you it is time to move? Move people, before He gets out the bullhorn!!!

PS - There is an entire sermon just in the title! Possibly even 2 or 3. You bible scholars are already thinking of all the verses that sprung to mind when you saw it. They sprung into my mind too, so I'll probably have to go illustrated one in my bible soon!

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