Thursday, March 31, 2016

Brand New, Same Old, Part 2

Tell the truth. Did you go look up some of the quotes and tunes from Part 1? I bet some of you did, just so you could try to avoid the God bullhorn.

All the confirmation God sent, was to bring me to The Pretty Vintage Studio. The name is actually a pretty cool play on words. One of my avoidance techniques was to look up the word ‘pretty’. I went to my 1940’s dictionary. I thought I was being clever. Turns out I was not.

The 40’s definition of ‘pretty’ was quite extensive. None of them helped me with avoidance. Number 1 was not surprising until the end: pleasing to the senses, especially the eyes, in daintiness and grace. (Insert exclamatory statement here! I am 5’1” and get called ‘dainty’ a lot!) Number 2: medium or moderate amount as in ‘he has a pretty sum of money’. (In this case, moderate amount of vintage items.)

The definition for studio was a craftsman’s workroom. Ta-da! Vintage is self-explanatory, so I didn’t even look it up. I dutifully busied myself with designing and drawing out my logo, and not really doing anything else. It’s much safer to sit and focus on busy work, right? I was participating with God’s plan in my own way. He caught on I guess, because literally within 48 hours, a brand new Passion Week devotional arrived in my email from one of my fave places.

Ah-ha! I could avoid the ‘God has a plan’ thing by focusing on Passion Week and Easter! YES! So off I go. Day 1: Does my house look like a house of prayer? UGH! Day 2: What has God laid on your heart that you have cast a shadow of a doubt on? GASP! Day 3: Did you know that the word sacrament means ‘a visible sign of inward grace’? (and here is where I had to leave the room & STOP bible journaling to go cry. Yes, I did really go cry.)

So, apparently, I should be praying, not doubting God’s plan, pretty means filled with daintiness and grace, and sacrament means a visible sign of inward grace. This avoidance thing did not work out so well for me after all.

The plan? It is pretty big, but the parts that I need to share today: The blog is changing, I am opening a new Studio, and I will be sharing some of my fave vintage finds with you. My FB page will be up and running soon, my google+ page is already live, and you can find me on IG. Whew!

Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks as this all comes together. I can honestly say that once I started participating, God stopped yelling, continued sending confirmation, and I cannot keep up with all that He is sharing with me, and encouraging me to do. I think I might even be a little excited about what is still to come.

If you are casting a shadow of doubt on what God is telling you, let me encourage you to step up and step out and trust! Even if it is scary, or uncomfortable, He will provide you with all that you need and will be with you every step of the way. I’m praying that God will fill you with courage, strength, grace, and movement!

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