Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Happy Dance Time!!!

This is probably the most ridiculous post I have, or will, put out for the universe to see, but I AM THAT EXCITED! Since I am doing my happy dance, while typing, just excuse anything that remotely looks like an error. At this moment I look like an elementary school child the teacher is constantly having to remind to sit still!

No ordinary happy dance will do either! This is not a box UPS just delivered to my door, which causes me to smile and sing and dance around while other's laugh kind of dance. Nope. This is a full-on, dance around the room impatiently, tell my body to get up & go, while singing kind of dance!

Sadly, before I get to the exciting, I guess I should add some background here for you. Just in case. And so you can dance too! So here it is - I adore antiques and vintage and history!! I realize this does not illicit any smiley responses, but I'm getting there I promise!

Many, many moons ago, I began collecting vintage fashion. My absolute faves are hats and hat pins. Second would be gloves and handbags and shoes. Clothes are near the end, but only because sizing is so ridiculously difficult and cleaning some of them is next to impossible! I have an amazing 1940's dress that has been to the dry-cleaner, and sprayed with more febreze than ever should have touched it (no water type liquid should have touched it at all), and it still smells of the worst BO! It now lives in a chest all by itself so as not to infect anything else with it's awfulness.

Anyway, I began studying about old fashion, fabric, hats, etc... Since my obsession began, I ended up with many boxes filled with not so special, but fun, and quite a few 'thank you Jesus I found this' items. They have all been carefully stored so as not to destroy them, and they come out occasionally to visit with me, or dress one of the dress forms I have in the house. They actually get treated better than my vintage quilts do. I know, that's super sad, but quilts quite often can not be repaired without losing their value, which means you can't use them, fold them, have them out, or do much with them without destroying them. I refuse to wear cotton gloves just to touch them, so once the quilts are stored, they stay there.

The next part of the story that is important, is that every year, usually in April, I start getting the itch to spring clean. I want windows open, fresh air, sunshine, crocus blooms, and really just want to feel and see spring all around me. It is by far my favorite time of the year in the Midwest. Oh for it just to be April and May already! I go through the house like a crazy woman, washing curtains, walls and windows. I re-arrange the furniture, and usually end up tossing and giving away things left and right. It is when my creative juices are at an all-time high! It also usually causes my family to want to scatter. Projects and honey-do lists become a staple around here for a few weeks, and you had better play along....or I will clean your space for you....and I always bring trash bags to the party.

Okay, so today is March 2nd, spring is coming and I just finished the studio project. My plan was to move into the spare bedroom next which became a holding cell for items getting moved around. It needs nothing more than a good cleaning out. It was re-done to perfection a few years ago, so nothing needs to be changed. This is also the room where all my vintage fashion lives.

Yesterday, March 1st, I was sitting in bed, after doing all that had to be done, resting. The great body rebellion of the weekend is slowly subsiding, so I begin thinking about cleaning up the hallway and spare room. Then I start thinking about all my 'stuff' and how I should probably go through it, just in case there are some items I can part with, clear out, need to start wearing, display, whatever. I'm still a little tired, so I decide I will start tomorrow (which is now today!).

And there, in black and white in the afternoon mail delivery, is the most amazing thing - are you ready? The listing for a household auction coming up with MORE VINTAGE CLOTHES AND HATS!!!!!!!!!!! Can you even stand it?!?! Happy dance time people!

But that's not all! They also are advertising art and craft books, vintage fabric, a few household pieces, and more fun stuff than I can possibly list. I'm over the moon. (I have previously stated that it's the small things in life that make me smile, right?)

My hubs, whom I do love a bunch, has previously informed me that he has NEVER been to a household auction in his life. And he is no longer a spring chicken, so I can't even see how that's possible. I'm a newer chicken and decorated my whole house with auction finds....for like $0. How has he lived without them?

He has been informed that he will be coming along with me, since he NEEDS to have this experience at least once in his lifetime. It's too fun to pass up! We both love the thrill of bargains and we both adore history, and it's just fun! There is no better "date" I can think of for us. In the summer there's a food truck with the kind of food that only tastes good when it comes from a food truck. In the winter, it's just cold which means you get to hold hands and snuggle to stay warm. My favorite ones are the summer time auctions, at the household being auctioned, where you stand outside sorting through hay wagons filled with items, and wander through the yard looking over furniture to see if you can salvage it or use it.

So, I simply MUST clean the spare room out now! I must go through all my boxes of goodies and organize and sort. I must make room for the new things that MUST come home with me! I must dance around the house until it's auction day, singing and being excited and annoying everyone in my household, and all over social media, with my enthusiasm and joy over hats and vintage clothing and fabric! (I guess I must also carefully look over our budget and decide how much food we must have to live, so that I can purchase said items....sigh of sadness here. Hate being an adult sometimes. It'll be even worse when we get there, and I refuse to play the 'let's go higher' game. If you want to spend $50 on a group of hats worth not that, please do so. I know how to play also.)

Today, I will inform my rebellious body that we WILL be cleaning up, or at least starting the process. I will be doing all my grown-up responsibilities first, like getting to the laundry that is patiently waiting for my attention, working so I can pay for said hats, and maybe even feeding the people that live here.

I also promise to get some pictures of my current collection, and what I add to my collection, and post it here next week sometime. Let's all dance our happy dances over the fun things in life, that fill us with joy! Here's to putting on "new" hats, getting our groove on, spring coming and anything else that makes you want to get up and dance!

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