Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Pictures Finally

I finally was able to assemble some pictures from all the collections, new items, and work we have been doing over the last few weeks!!! Since there is "new" stuff within the mix, I downsized the pile of pictures and am sharing some of my favorite things.

Saw these and only brought them home because they went so ridiculously cheap. Set of 4.


We sanded, painted, and divided into 2 sets of 2. The lime green chairs now live in the studio, and the white chairs are in my dining room as extras. The lime was my daughter's pick and I thought for sure we'd hate it. They are actually my fave now!

Who can beat a stack of old magazines from the early 1900's? We found some issues of "The Literary Digest" mixed in with the stacks the hubs got. I love to read, but beyond that, the ads are a hoot and a half! I did have to stop reading them, as I found an article in one, pre-WWII, that was sharing the story of a poor misunderstood Hitler. I had to stop reading. If only they knew then, what they would soon discover. 


Meet my mannequin! She is made out of paper, fiberglass, and yarn. Her paint is chipping off and her hands went missing before she came to live with me. Her dress is vintage, as is her hat. The coolest thing about her? Her hair is yarn, that was sculpted into its very chic shape, and then painted over. Her poor dress has been to the cleaners, but it was faded in area's when I got it.

This really neat looking little box is a Kodak Brownie camera. One of our 'accidental' purchases years ago - it came in a box with assorted stuff, and has been sitting here just because. My budding photographer is much more interested in it now than she used to be!

One of the many pairs of children's leather shoes I own. Some pairs are newer (think 1950's), but a few are older. One way to tell the age of your shoes - look for wooden pins through the sole as opposed to stitching. Pins/pegs = older.


This vintage jewelry box is covered in leather, and I keep my fave pieces of old jewelry in it. My hatpins live here as well.

This jewelry box is not quite as old, but it's still fun, and a great place for some of the rest of my jewelry. 

This is one of my all-time most favorite hats! It is technically NOT a hat, and is entirely covered in feathers! It lives in a hatbox only came out for this picture.

Honestly, once I was going through all my collections, and sorting, and purging....I got a little lost in the moments. Getting lost does not help when trying to collect pictures! I will get some more up, but I wanted to at least FINALLY get some of my fave up!!

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