Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Pictures Are Coming!

I bet you have been waiting impatiently to hear the outcome of last week's 'happy dance' right? Okay, maybe not impatiently, but at least interested in hearing.

As of today, I do not have everything ready to share. I'm sad because I have been impatiently waiting to post pictures, and tell you all about the amazing.....and then the crud hit....and then it left, but I had to do a ton of work in order to have pictures to share.

So now I am sorting, recording, moving, and preparing to share the awesomeness with you all!! It IS coming. Just a bit more slowly than I personally care for it to go. I am however pretty excited about some of my finds.

Maybe I should just share a tiny bit in the meantime though. You know, just in case you are impatient like me.

I did not come home with nearly the number of vintage finds I had hoped. The items I had been most excited about were not my cup of tea after all. The hats I missed only because they were not quite what I had hoped for either.

What I DID come home with, completely by accident, and my husbands love of reading, were boxes of old magazines, some stacks of books, some cigar boxes, and a few miscellaneous odds and ends that we are still sorting through.

As an example: buried in a stack of magazines on hobbies and crafts, we found a 1939 copy of a home magazine featuring Gone With The Wind pictures, along with a feature on the 'Old South'. The staples are all still there, through the front, and it is in very good shape considering.

We found a hatpin mixed in with some costume jewelry. We found another stack of magazines, dating back to 1915 mixed in with some other literature. We found early medicine books mixed with a stack of papers on veterinary medicine.

These are the challenges being faced so that I can share my fun finds with you! There was also the challenge of going through my collection to find the pieces that could leave to make room for the new, then I had to help two hatboxes, that just could not survive much longer without some TLC. Of course there was also the dusting that was needed, after stirring it all. I left that job purposefully until I was certain the crud was gone! No reason to make it worse!!

My goal is to have it all ready to share with you by the end of this week. Partly because I can't wait to share, and partly because I just really, really want it all done and put together and displayed and done!

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