Thursday, April 7, 2016

TODAY is the DAY!

I think I might be a little bit excited! Today is THE day that The Pretty Vintage Studio officially opens its doors!!! I’ve been posting pictures on IG throughout the day, and in about 15 minutes will turn my FB page on! Then we move to some super fun giveaways!!! Oh my gosh am I excited about those!!!

Over the last few weeks and months, God has been giving me what I will lovingly refer to as ‘glimmers’ of the larger picture. Ideas have flooded my brain, steady progress was made, items were sorted, and plans were adjusted. I feel as if I have done nothing but create, sigh, pray, pray some more, and then move along to the next glimmer.

I have learned so much through this process. I learned that God expects us to move when He says it’s time and He wants us to be who He created us to be. I found pieces of myself that due to life and circumstances and whatever, I allowed to slowly slip away. Most of them I let go of due to the insecurity I had in each of them. I have learned that we need to allow others to grow at their own pace, extend grace and mercy, withhold judgement, and what it really means to be who God designed me to be!

Now for the fun stuff! I have paper clips, mini planner accessory sets, handmade paper, vintage items, and more. They will all be available for sale through my FB page, The Pretty Vintage Studio. Since I love the process of creating, and since vintage items are only available when you can find them, some items will be limited in number. As an example: I currently have A group of vintage handkerchiefs, but that is all I have. When they sell out, I have no way to predict when ‘new’ will arrive.

Other items, like the handmade paper, are made in batches, so when a batch sells out, we’ll start again. This process does take a little bit of time, so as of now, the plan is to make sure we have a new batch of paper ready the 1st of each month. This is also a because making paper is killer on your hands, and there’s only so long you can play in water before everything begins to rebel!

Items like our Remembering Yesteryear Ink will always be available. I hope to have scent, color and quantity options available by this summer. For right now, I have black, with a mixed herbal scent. Since the ink must flow as it is supposed to, we are testing, testing, testing. Plus, I have to figure out how to seal it all perfectly so it can be shipped. Ink is a funny thing to play with!

The overall mission of The Pretty Vintage Studio is to ‘discover, create, and encourage beauty in the everyday’. It is a place where old and new meet in a meaningful way. It is the culmination of every hope, dream, idea, thought, and happiness God has ever laid on my heart. It is my fondest dream coming true in the most amazing way, encompassing some of my most favorite things! I can barely wait to share them all with you!!

Thank you for your patience and for following along on this journey!

PS – I bet you are wondering about those giveaway’s right? Well, here’s a clue or two for you – I am so ‘happy’ with the ‘plan’ God has laid out, I will be giving away something you’ll want to shout about! Visit my FB page for all the details!! 

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