Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Temporary Planner Peace

This may seem silly to some of you, but I assure you it is not! For a Type-A person, even a creative one, getting organized & focused, is a HUGE thing.

Friday, after a full 12 hour day in the Studio, I was hit with what I will call a nudge of inspiration. Really it was an extreme shove of clarity, but why quibble over how God chooses to speak. NEW pieces of the ever elusive ‘plan’ were shared with me, and I spent another 2 hours, sitting in bed, writing and journaling and planning.

Saturday, I woke up excited, knowing exactly what I need to know to move forward. (I’ll share the rest of the story in a different post – it’s really, really good.) It was like all the pieces just fit together, and the ones that aren’t there yet, aren’t necessary right now. I’m sure I’ll get them when I’m supposed to.

Since everything was still by the bed from the night before, I just stayed in bed! I was steps away from the Studio where all the planners had migrated too, along with their assorted inserts and pieces. I spent all day getting organized, journaling, and just being focused on what I need to do. It was AWESOME!!!

The other part of what led to this temporary planner peace was a post from The Reset Girl, Cori Spieker. Seriously people, follow the link to her site. She is awesome!!! 

Last week she shared about a new ‘planning plan’ she was trying. Both of us work out of multiple planners, so I really liked some of what she shared. And then, when the heaven’s opened and God spoke (do not take this lightly – I believe wholeheartedly that God is a God of order, and He likes plans and planners! It’s even in the bible!), it all came together!

So, here is my current ‘planning plan’ and system:

 Recollections Planner (Michael’s)
a.       It is a compact size, so I can carry it everywhere & use it as a wallet. Plus, the binders are inexpensive, which means I can use my 50% off coupons to build a colorful collection for not a whole lot of money.
b.       It will be used as the overall where/when/what, since I am often running around and in places other than home.
2     The Happy Planner
a.       I really do like this planner layout. I didn’t get one of the new ones because: a) there are still more coming; and b) I just bought one this January.
b.       This will be used for homeschooling, household, and all things creative. I have the Household Expansion set, so it works well for everything. I also have the 6 month extension that I got for a steal on clearance, so I can use it until I know what all my options are.
3        Classic Size (A5) Planner
a.       This is where it falls apart a bit, but I’m surprisingly okay with that. I have taken pieces from all the planners I have used, a standard A5 binder I already had, and put it all together
b.       This will be used for the Studio. I have at least 3 months worth of plans, projects, ideas, blog posts, and more already mapped out! (See, when God gets clear, He gets clear!) I actually have a few more months roughly sketched in, but you get the idea.
         Finally, my ARC (A5)
a.       This is the little planner that started me out for the Year of Creativity, so I am kind of attached to it!!
b.       It will be used for my DSA business, and I already have all my A5 forms created, so I can be organized in the ‘small’.
c.       Plus, it’s easy to run to Staples for pre-printed inserts.

I am going to try this system for the next little while, see how it works, etc… I do have a vision of exactly what I’m looking for though, so I’m going to keep working towards that.

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