Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Sneaky Little Lies

It finally happened! God showed up on Friday and filled in a ton of the missing ingredients for this recipe of life. (I had to stop using traveling language for the day because I was supposed to be literally traveling today and wasn't able to go!)

I was ecstatic, and will be sharing all the info in the future. I sat down that very same night and journaled, and planned, and was so enthusiastic! Exclamation points don't do any justice for how positive I felt about everything.

I woke up the next morning ambitious and determined to keep moving forward. I had a great day getting organized, making lists, figuring out a system of planning (which I'll also be sharing soon), and creating my master to-do.

It was a big list, but I felt okay about it. I had it mapped out, and I was mostly enthusiastic about all the steps. There was one though that I just couldn't quite get excited about. I am more anxious and nervous about it.

So off to talk it out. Since I am a female, talking through these things helps a ton! That was when it happened. The first sneaky little lie made its way into the conversation. The person I went to didn't even catch it right away. It just flew out of their mouth.

I caught it though, and asked for some clarification. Maybe I hadn't heard right or had not explained well. Nope, the lie had snuck in. Needless to say, for the remainder of the conversation there was a pile of these little pests.

The problem with these supposed 'little lies' is that they are pervasive. They sneak right in to your world, and are so clever, you don't realize they are lies. By the time anyone catches on, they have grown from little lies to big huge truths you believe. Because they are SNEAKY!

I don't do very well with lies. Of any kind. Whether you are telling them to me to fool me, or you are telling them to yourself. Once you believe them, they are hard to evict. Once you believe them, you begin living life around them, sharing them with others, and worst of all you become more comfortable believing them than the truth.

This is obviously not the first time I've heard someone believe a lie, or tell a lie, or share a lie, or experienced dishonesty. It is the first time that a truth sunk in though - I feel sorry for people that spend so much time believing those sneaky little lies.

Lies of every kind destroy dreams, kill marriages, rob our children of safety, and us of our sanity. They sneak in on purpose to damage, destroy, and kill. They mess with our confidence and trust, they ruin our hearts and relationships. Most of all - they can destroy our whole life.

Even more profound of a truth? Fear and insecurity are lies. The idea that we somehow aren't who God says we are, or that we can't do what He gifted us to do - lies we believe. And then we live in. Fear is a lack of trust. Please friends, take every thought captive, and think through what you believe and why.

The conversation with my friend ended very badly. I left it feeling unsupported, unheard, and those sneaky little lies followed me home. Not one lie had even been about me!! Still, they impacted me and this relationship. They are sneaky lies, and if I hadn't caught on they would have derailed my whole outlook on life and what God has presented me with.

Be on your guard, for those little lies are sneaky, and will get in before you know what happened!!!

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