Monday, August 8, 2016

The Date to Create

I am a fan of unusual 'holiday's' only because they can be so FUN! Today has been given the designation of The Date to Create. I spent all of 2 seconds looking up this holiday, and it was worth it - there is nothing creative to be found. Oh irony how I adore you!

So what do you do with a holiday that is so unimaginative, which I suspect is part of the point? You fill it with creativity of course!!

Being creative isn't limited to artists, or authors, or any of the other 'creative type' labels. Creativity can also be solving a problem, making a meal, even cleaning your house! 

Allow me to share an example. I am participating in a new lettering challenge on Instagram this month, featuring COFFEE as the topic for prompts. So, yeah, I had to participate! The goal is to practice your hand-lettering. This is great as I aspire to getting better and better.

The other day the prompt was Obsessive Coffee Disorder. Well, needless to say, my lettering was not the thing that ended up being 'creative'. I put together a whole list of definitions, symptoms, etc... The creative mood struck and off I went. 

That is is what creativity looks like. You have a focused intent, and then find inspiration in the midst, and you follow it wherever it leads.

Here is another example - when you go to make dinner, and you feel creative, you add a handful of fresh herbs to the jar of sauce in the cabinet. Creative! 

A quick recipe my family enjoys in the summer: 4 Roma (or any paste variety) tomatoes diced; 1 clove of garlic, crushed; 1 can of black olives, sliced; a handful of fresh basil and a handful of fresh oregano, minced; some olive oil. Place all ingredients together in a bowl, sprinkling on olive oil to coat (maybe a cup), then add some salt and pepper to taste. Leave it sit while you cook a box of pasta - spaghetti noodles work the best. When the pasta is done, toss it with the veggies, and serve! This has a fresh taste, utilizes garden produce, and is super fast and easy! We adapted it from a recipe I found years ago, and you can adapt it as well.

Here is an easy path to creating - grab your kids crayons and go doodle!!! Or color a page in a coloring book. Or borrow their construction paper to make a card. 

How can cleaning be creative you ask? As you clean, move things, add things, subtract things. Look around the room, and see what can you change that will provide you with a better environment? It may be as simple as swapping pictures or books from one room to another. It could be as elaborate as new curtains or rugs. 

No matter what you do today, just create something!!! Use today as the prompt and encouragement to get creative and inspired!! Use it as the catalyst to do something you've been wanting to try. Remember it isn't about perfection, it's about creating. It's about trying something and seeing where it goes!!! 

My enabler tip of the day - Michael's has a coupon for 40% off any 1 regular price item....totally worth walking into the store and picking up that thing that you have been eyeing for awhile. Maybe grab a new planner to map out all the creativity you generate from starting today? 

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