Friday, August 5, 2016

Unit Study Release DAY!

I am so easily excited about things!! That is because I really like my life, and I have found that when you put the effort into looking for the positive, exciting, joyful moments - they get easier and easier to find! And you smile more!!

Plus, I tend to stay highly caffeinated to make it through each day. Which is the opposite of what you are supposed to do if you suffer from a chronic illness. My thoughts are - seriously? I would like to function like a normal human, or at least a semi-normal human, so whatever. I'm going to die someday, so if it's from coffee, at least I will die drinking one of the very best of all God's creation!

I am so excited TODAY though, because despite the very ironic, and non-joyful start to my week, TODAY I am finally sitting here, ready to....  release my Unit Study!!!!!!

Almost 16 years ago, I wrote a Unit Study for homeschoolers, called Our Family Impact, based on my passion for genealogy. I had discovered that I really enjoyed history, and having worked in Vital Records for our County, helping others with their family histories, I got hooked.

When my daughter was born, and I was home, I realized that genealogy was a great way to encourage students to enjoy learning history and geography. I wrote, self-published, and then sat on this Unit Study. The goal of the study was to interact with family members in order to truly learn what history was like. I was not born in 1923, so to chat with someone who grew up during the Depression, and hear what life really looked like was so much more meaningful, than just reading about it.

Here we are, many years later and everyone is interested in their family history. Since I am attempting to embrace all that God has created me to be, and since I want to encourage others in my world to START their writing journey, TA-DA!!!

I was actually ready to release this last fall, but thought it would be better as an e-Book. So I redid the whole layout, re-edited it, re-formatted it and then, well, insecurity set it.

I went back and re-formatted it once again last month, so it is now available as a downloadable PDF file. It is also offered in a bound paper workbook, but honestly, I think the PDF is better, since you can just print off the correct number of worksheets to use with all your children.

It has also been updated a bit to reflect the changes that technology has brought. Not completely though, as I think one of the most important things we can teach our kids is the ability to do some of the actual work required of life, and not just use the internet for everything.

AND, since I'm SO excited, I am offering a discount for $5 OFF!!! YEAH!!!!! Visit our Online Shop at to download the Our Family Impact Unit Study. The discount is only valid through Sunday, August 7th.

I also need to say a huge thanks to some super awesome people, who encouraged me along the way!! My hubs and daughter both literally pushed me to go faster!! One of the sweetest friends I have, who walked through the insecurities with me (FYI - you know who you are, and you best be getting to some writing yourself!! Luv ya!). My besties who kept asking me 'why not'? My mom, who originally edited the whole thing for me, and encouraged me to DO something with it years ago.

If you are sitting on something that meant a lot to you, and you are passionate about, let me encourage you to get up and move forward. No matter how scared or insecure you may be, taking the first step is often the only way to overcome it!!!

I hope you all enjoy!!!

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