Friday, January 20, 2017

The BIG 40

I celebrated my 40th birthday last weekend. As happens occasionally, this year it landed on Friday the 13th…..fitting right?

Even better? I confounded virtually everyone by choosing to celebrate, AND was EXCITED to celebrate the Big 40. Why you ask? The answer is quite simple – my numerical age finally caught up with the age I’ve been in my head since toddler-hood.

Virtually all my life was lived with the idea that someday I would be 40 and would look back on my life. I would either find regret, disappointment, lack, etc. OR, I would find nothing that caused regret, disappointment or missed opportunities.

Yes, I was weird, uptight, and ‘no fun’. However, today, I am alive, joyful, and filled with a sense of accomplishment. I can look at my almost 18-year-old and say with confidence that it is possible to grow up without having done a pile of things!

I know who I am in Christ, in life, and I am comfortable in my own skin. I have let go of so many unhealthy things, that the list is shrinking all the time. I don’t have to hide behind insecurity or self-doubt. There are still a few areas that I find myself wading through as they are deeper and bigger than the first round. Wisdom, maturity, and healing come as we allow growth. We are going to only get older, so we might as well make the most of it!

Considering all the life events that could have impacted my arrival at 40, I also think it’s worth celebrating that I am still here! I’ve already lived an entire lifetime of events, jobs, experiences. Just to imagine what the next 40 will look like, with all the preparation I’ve had…. Mind boggling really!

If you are not yet 40, I encourage you to embrace life NOW and begin living a life that you will be glad you lived. If you are 40+, welcome to the best years of your life! Let’s celebrate being older, wiser, more stable, and having opportunities to become whoever we always wanted to be!!!

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