Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why You Don't Want To Be Friends With Your Pastor

God gave me this title, along with what will be a few days worth of posts on this specific topic of friendship with pastor's. Shocking title isn't it? It is the truth though.

Through years of attending church, where in some cases the church was small and intimate, or in some cases it was a mega church, I have been blessed to have become friends with a number of pastors.

When the hubs and I got married, I literally handed him a list (think notebook list not sticky note list) filled with the names of pastor's who could marry us! He found that a bit unsettling to say the least. It was made worse when I actually listed them in order of MY preference, beginning with a great man of God who had invested in myself and my growth as a leader and pastor.

Have I ever mentioned I worked as a Pastor? Probably not and there are many reasons for that. I'll tell you about it another time.

While I have been blessed to share in their lives, gotten to know the wives and children, hung out, etc.… I found a truth in the midst of it - they make terrible friends to have!

It has nothing to do with any of them specifically. They are my friends. Real friends. It actually has more to do with everyone else!

Many people have tried to be my friend simply for an introduction into the world of pastors and ministry leaders. Some want to gossip or pump me for information that they think I must have. Some have merely decided that being friends with a pastor means you have 'arrived' and are part of a 'special clique'.

How sad to learn that Christians would maneuver and position themselves to simply climb a ladder that doesn’t actually exist.

Most people don't realize the enormous weight that a pastor must carry. They don't realize the weight that the whole family carries. Most don't realize that in reality it can be hard to be friends with leaders in the church.

Being a ministry leader or a pastor is a hard job. In most cases it took years of growth, discipleship, prayer and dedication in addition to the calling of God. It gets even harder once you are in the position of leading people. God was right when he called us all sheep!!

Tomorrow I will address the 'Sheep' issue!!!

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