Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Studio Garden

I am so excited about my (sort of) new project! Years ago while in 4-H I took a project called Flowering Arranging. It was so fun!! As I worked through it, it suggested using dried flowers, and provided examples of flowers you could grow and dry yourself.

That led to my experimenting, and doing more research on flowers to grow. Which led to my discovery of dried herbs, which led to my passion for herbs, which led to learning about essential oils and aromatherapy, which led to a retail store and a passion to pursue natural health, which led to today.

I've been growing and using herbs for over 25 years now. This year, after a season of hard things, healing, and a ton of growth personally, I realized that I am so passionate about so many things it would be hard to choose something specific to focus on as the 'what I want to be when I grow up' mission. Since my daughter graduated, I am no longer a homeschooling mom, which means I now have free time to pursue whatever my heart desires!

With that knowledge, the art side of the Studio moving forward, God providing me with many open doors to walk through, and a deeper understanding of who I am…. I have created 'The Studio Garden', bringing back my passion for 'all things herbal' which was my tag line from my retail store.

The Studio Garden is a place filled with fragrance, beauty, usefulness, and a constant reminder of how amazing it is to be able to grow the very things we use! I've put a ton of work into the herb garden, moved plants, added new, and plan to continue working on creating a space I adore. This garden has existed for just over 16 years, so it has undergone a number of changes. I'm sure I will make many more still this year!

We just added additional patio stones for the table, and have some comfrey being added to the garden

Recipes are being worked on (some of which you have, and will, see this week in my blog), classes and workshops are being planned, unique plants have been added to the gardens, tea time in the herb garden will begin, and all my fave things will be brought out!

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