Monday, July 17, 2017

A Vintage Child of God

Recently I was preparing for a bible journaling workshop and wanted to do something on growing, faith, blossoming, etc... I had a verse from Hosea 14 that I thought was perfect, AND it fit in with the current book I'm reading, Whispers of Rest. (Psst....go buy the book! It's that good!)

I wanted to make sure that I had space in all 3 of my current journaling bibles. (Yes, I have 3. I kind of retired one because it is overflowing; I mostly use the 2nd, but it is quickly filling; the 3rd is the Message Canvas which has a lot of pre-drawn art.)

Fortunately I had space in the first 2, which was great! One to do in the the workshop, one for my personal page with my book, and a third if I needed it! When I got to the Message bible, I was in awe of how the verse(s) had been paraphrased.

They talked about being a 'vintage child of God'. Now, I want to stop right here and say that I have a NIV study bible, where I do all my studying. Then my journaling bibles, where quite often I end up finding a ton of 'bonus' material. My Message Bible I just read and use for creativity, or if I'm really puzzled over a verse and have looked at all 5 assorted translations I own!

I read it, then re-read it, then prayed, then read it again! I adore vintage everything and anything!!! I knew full well that the verse was referring to wine, but still. Come on!

I knew I had to do something with this verse. Then God reminded me that years ago, I had been practicing my drawing (NOT my gift), and managed to draw an awesome vintage inspired lady. Since it was rare for me to do so well at something, I turned her into a hand-carved stamp! Then I set her away because I never quite figured out what to do with her!

Out came the stamp. And I stamped and watercolored and lettered!!! Then more inspiration as I created note cards. Then she turned into a blossoming flower. And so on it went. Inspiring idea after inspiring idea.

Vintage Child of God Girl ©2017 K. Hazer
But God wasn't done with her, or me, just yet! Back to my study bibles, my concordance, my stack of theology books and commentaries and dictionaries. What exactly IS a Vintage Child of God.

Let me start with the actual verse from Hosea 14. It is verse 7, "Everyone will be talking about them (her) spreading their (her) fame as the vintage children (child) of God." MSG (my paraphrase of the verse)

Vintage here is referring to wine, as the verse reads in every translation I own, including my KJV (I had to look). Vintage, as a word, originated with wine making. It refers to the act of, or season for gathering grapes and making wine. It also refers to the collection of contemporaneous & similar persons or things. Is that not the coolest thing!

Wine lovers will tell you that the vintage is very important when it comes to quality, since it also refers to a specific year, or crop, that was especially good.

When I talk about the vintage items I collect, I am referring to a period of origin, generally anything prior to 1970. (Antiques must be much older, heading towards 100 years plus.)

This excited me even more though, to read that vintage referred to something special, unique, specific. The inspiration that God sent as a result, was literally overwhelming to me! I wrote, and journaled, and studied, and oh goodness all that I found. (Can you tell how enthusiastic I am today? I have lots of exclamation points don't I? LOL!)

To be a Vintage Child of God is literally to be YOU! Be yourself. Be unique. Be original. You ARE exceptional in God's eyes. You are far superior to the lies you have believed. You were created for a specific season, of great value. You are in process (making wine is also part of the definition). You are becoming.

My Vintage Child of God girl is definitely going to be around for awhile. You will see her a lot in the coming weeks as God's plan unfolds. He provided amazing clarity, which isn't always the case in my world. The pieces literally fell together with simplicity and the ideas didn't stop, until I stopped from the shear enormity.

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